The following is fan fiction based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman, Warner Brothers, Vertigo, DC Comics and Netflix.  They own all the rights to them.  I am just playing in their sand box.  Other than Dalyce, she’s all mine.  But if they wish to use any or all of the parts of the story, they are more than welcome to with no strings attached.  And without further ado:    Love Finds a Way




Lucifer sat looking down at the expanse of Hell below him, a thousand questions running through his mind. 

Did he do the right thing? Was the prophecy even real? Should he have stayed?

They came at him, rapid fire, one after the other.

Then there was the pain. 

It was like nothing he’d ever felt before.

It poured out from his chest, where his heart felt like it had been ripped out, leaving a gaping hole in which the pain of his loss radiated, threatening to consume him. He screamed an unearthly scream, his arms wrapped around his chest as he rocked back and forth, desperately trying to rid himself of what he was feeling, frantic for it to be gone. 

Guilt and loss wrapped themselves around him like an unwanted blanket.  He’d devastated the one person he never wanted to.  Chloe.  She loved him. Begged him not to leave. For the first time since meeting her, he wasn’t afraid of her love for him and the love that he felt for her.  But it was too late.  He was in Hell with no way out. 

He let the tears fall unbidden, for Chloe, for himself, for everything lost.  His soul felt like it was ripping into as many pieces as his heart already had.

He vowed to her, to himself, that he would somehow find a way back.



She’d been born before time had a name; the small round ball now called Earth existed. She’d witnessed the Angels come into being. She’d watched Heaven fall into Chaos and Hell be born and cried as her friend fell from grace, to forever be the King of Hell.  She could travel to all planes, four all told, preferring to live, as many of her kind did, among humanity.  She was the stuff of myth and legend, written about in just about every language throughout human history; both good and bad. 

She was a dragon. 

Her name? 







Dalyce sat curled up in her favorite chair, looking out her open French doors at the gently swaying willow in her backyard, coffee cup in hand, it and it’s contents forgotten.  Her hair color matched her mood, dark blood red.  Her gold colored eyes rimmed in red, looking as though they were on fire. She could almost feel the pain of loss coming from her oldest and dearest friend.  Lucifer.  She understood why he had made the choice he had three weeks earlier, but she knew it had been the wrong choice.  And now two hearts and souls were paying the ultimate price. 

She was brought out of her musings by a quick double rap at the door. She sighed, set her coffee cup down onto the end table and padded to the front door, recognizing who it was by his scent as she reached for the doorknob to open the door. Standing there was a large, muscular black Angel. “Amenadiel, this is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”  Dalyce moved to the side and motioned for him to enter.

“Are you busy?”  Amenadiel asked. He hadn’t moved from where he stood.  It took a lot of soul searching for him to make the choice to come and talk to her.  He tried to stay as far away as possible from them usually.  But in this instance, he knew that she was the only one to ask for help, that could help.

“Not at the moment.” She could sense how torn he was. 

“Are you planning on standing on my doorstep the whole time?” She spoke with a light Irish accent.  She could have spoken in any accent, but it was her favorite.

“What? Oh, no.”  He walked inside and headed straight for the couch. He sat down, put his arms onto his knees, hands clasped together.  He looked at them; as looking at Dalyce directly, or any of them directly, unnerved him to some extent, which was saying something for the warrior Angel, and he wasn’t quite sure why.

Sighing, Dalyce sat back down in her chair, picked up her coffee cup and took a drink, wrinkling her nose at the now cold coffee and set the cup back down.  She knew how most of the Angels felt about her kind.  Even Angels weren’t immune to prejudice. “Amenadiel.”

He finally glanced up at her and leaned back into the back of the couch. For the first time ever possibly, really looking at Dalyce. She had a beautiful face graced with fine features and long hair that currently looked like flames. She looked human, but her eyes gave her away.  They didn’t look human at all. They were an intense gold color rimmed in red, a singular black vertical slit where a round pupil would normally be.  If he didn’t know better, Amenadiel could have sworn they glowed.  He couldn’t help himself, he stared.

“Amenadiel.”  Dalyce said again, frustration lacing her voice.  The staring was something that she was used to, but it had gotten old eons ago.

Finally tearing his eyes away, “I need your help.”  Not a question, but a statement. 

Dalyce looked at him passively for a few moments before responding.

“With what exactly?”  She thought she had a rather good idea, but it was always better not to assume.

“With Lucifer.”

“Lucifer?  Or do you mean the prophecy?”

Amenadiel gave a soft chuckle.  “Of course you know about that. Both I suppose.”

Dalyce stood and padded to her bar, grabbing two glasses and a bottle of Bourbon.  She brought them back, set them down on her coffee table, poured two stiff drinks and handed one to Amenadiel before she sat down again.

“What’s this for?”  He asked, staring at the caramel colored liquid in the exquisitely carved glass.

“I figured that the conversation would probably warrant a drink.”  She sat back down into her chair, pulled her legs up underneath her and waited.

Amenadiel took a gulp of the amber colored liquid, made a face and set the glass down on the coffee table in front of him.  “Dalyce, how, why did you and Lucifer become friends?  It’s not like Angels usually have anything to do with your kind.”

“Because Lucifer was, is different. He never cared that I wasn’t an Angel, liked the fact that I wasn’t one actually.  Just like I didn’t care that he seemed not to follow the same path as the rest of you.  He looked at life from another perspective.” She set her now empty glass down on the end table next to the chair.

“That same way of thinking caused him to start a rebellion, Dalyce.”

“Yes, it did and no it didn’t.  We both know that your mother had a fair amount to do with that.  But yes, his arrogance did get the better of him.”

“You never agreed with Father’s punishment either.”  Amenadiel picked the tumbler back up and finished the bourbon and set the glass back down.

Dalyce looked at him with patient eyes.  “Again, yes and no.  I understood why he needed to be punished, but I didn’t necessarily agree with the severity.” 

With anger tinging his voice, “Dalyce, he through Heaven into chaos!”

“Yes, he did.  And he paid the ultimate price.  Being banished to Hell; treated by all of you like he was a monster.  So much so that he literally became what you all considered him to be.  Do you not think that that choice still haunts him today?”

Amenadiel leaned forward and poured himself another drink.  “I haven’t ever really thought about it.”

“Of course, you haven’t.  You all cleaned up Heaven and went on your merry way while he, on the other hand, was in a place he didn’t want to be, forced to do a job that he didn’t want to do, forever.  None of you ever went down to see him, showed him any compassion at all.  And you wonder why he felt abandoned. I was the only one that visited him.” Dalyce’s eyes almost looked as if they would catch fire for just a second, causing Amenadiel to involuntarily sit back farther into the couch.

“That was a long time ago.”

“Yes, it was. I’m sure you would agree with me that the scars are still there.  Lucifer still sees himself as a monster.”

“Yes, he has definite issues about our Father.”  Amenadiel finished the second glass and set it back down onto the coffee table.

“Oh, it’s much more than ‘Daddy’ issues.  He genuinely believes that he’s evil.  And yet he’s one of the most moral beings I know.  Hence why he so easily believed the prophecy.”  Dalyce stood and headed towards her French doors, watching the setting sun. “Oh, and speaking of Daddy issues, congratulations on the birth of your son.” She turned back to looking out her doors.

A shocked look graced the Angel’s face. “Thank you.  You knew about that?”

Dalyce turned and smiled. “Yes, of course.  Dragons observe, we try not to interfere unless necessary.  Now what were you going to say about Lucifer and his issues?”

“I was going to say that I’m aware that Lucifer thinks he’s evil.  He went back down because evil was on Earth, just like the prophecy foretold.  The demons were all up here for the most part.”  Dalyce turned to look at him, one eyebrow lifted.

“Yes, they were.  But they didn’t come up on their own, did they now? And he went back down to Hell because he thought it was the only way to make sure everyone he cared about was safe.  Without a doubt the most selfless I’ve ever seen him do. And in the process shattering both his and Chloe’s hearts and souls.”

Amenadiel contemplated for a moment. “Okay, I’ll give you that one. Chloe is an absolute mess. And yes, the demons were all summoned, starting with Dromos by Eve. But Lucifer is the King of Hell.  That’s where he’s supposed to be.”

Dalyce whipped back around to face Amenadiel, her anger rolling off her.  “After everything that’s happened over the last four years, how much he’s changed, you think that—that is where your Father really wants him to be?”

A steely glint came to Amenadiel’s eyes.  “Our Father put him there to begin with!”

“Yes, he bloody did!  But he also put Chloe in his path.  He did that for a damned reason!”  Dalyce had inched closer to Amenadiel, desperately trying to hold herself in check. She took a deep calming breath before continuing. “Amenadiel, what if he, well all of you, were reading the prophecy wrong?  What if, by chance, the evil being released meant that Lucifer was released from his punishment?”

A shocked look crossed Amenadiel’s face.  “That makes no sense, Dalyce.”

“Doesn’t it? Prophecies are easily misinterpreted. Food for thought.  All I know for sure is the feeling that I have is that Lucifer is not meant to be in Hell any longer.  He needs to be here, on Earth, his home, where his family is.  And don’t tell me you don’t understand what I’m talking about.”

Amenadiel hesitated for a moment, “Yes, I do.”

During their argument darkness had fallen and Dalyce was eager to get to Hell.  “We can go back and forth about this forever.  Why did you come to see me?  Because it wasn’t to argue where Lucifer should or shouldn’t be.”

Amenadiel pulled out a white business sized envelope from his back pocket.  “This.  Chloe asked me if I would take it down to Luci; and I said I would, but I just don’t feel safe leaving Charlie.”

Dalyce took the envelope from him. “Charlie would have been just fine, but I understand. I’d be glad to take it down to him.  I’m heading down tonight anyway.”  She watched as a wave of relief washed over Amenadiel.

He stood up and headed for the door.  Opening it and stepping through, he said “Thank you Dalyce.”

Dalyce replied from where she stood, “You’re welcome.  See you soon.” 

Seeing the look on Amenadiel’s face as he shut the door, she laughed and headed towards the French doors and out the to head down to Hell and Lucifer.