The following is fan fiction based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman, Warner Brothers, Vertigo, DC Comics and Netflix.  They own all the rights to them.  I am just playing in their sand box.  Other than Dalyce, she’s all mine.  But if they wish to use any or all of the parts of the story, they are more than welcome to with no strings attached.  And without further ado:    Love Finds a Way




Dalyce paused at her open French doors, closed them and walked out into the middle of her back yard. She sighed and proceeded to change into her true self to descend into Hell.  She had waited until dark to proceed so as not to draw attention to herself since she really had no desire to deal with the fallout if she were to be seen in her dragon form.  


Dalyce opened the portal and watched for a few moments as the dark colors that made up the clouds in Hell started to swirl in a clockwise pattern, finally unfurled her wings; jumped up and dived into the portal, closing it behind her as she left the terrestrial plane.  She slowly spiraled down, using the rising heat to glide over to where she could see Lucifer sitting on his throne.  She stopped about 15 feet from it and just stared, her heart starting to ache for him.  He looked absolutely dreadful, head hanging down, shoulders hunched. She could feel the pain and loss rolling off him.  Definitely not the Lucifer Morningstar that she was used to seeing. He looked over at Dalyce as he felt the breeze created by her slowly flapping wings.


“Not that I’m surprised to see you, but why are you here, Dalyce?” 


Dalyce took that as an invitation and flew up to the throne, which now had a landing for her to stand on. Then she proceeded to change into her intermediate form which consisted of a human shaped body, but she still retained the horns on her head which erupted out of her hair and looked more like a crown, her spines still running down her back and in between her now folded wings ending about a foot from the end of her tail.  She now had a human looking face, but had retained her scales that shimmered with the colors of the rainbow, even in the dim light of Hell. 


“I came down to see you.  Why else would I come down here?” Her eyes glowed in the low light, showing the concern she felt for the well-being of the man that sat in front of her.  “I’m more than a little worried about you.”


“Well don’t be. I’ve gotten what I deserved.”  


“Why would you ever think that?”


Lucifer sighed heavily.  “Dalyce, I’m the Devil.  A monster.  And as such, I do not deserve happiness.”


Dalyce crossed her arms across her chest and huffed in frustration.  “That’s bullshit and you know it.  You deserve happiness just as much as anyone else.  And you are not a monster.”


Lucifer shot up from the throne, eyes blazing red.  “Yes, I bloody well am!” 


Dalyce rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.  No, you are not.  And before you say it, you are not evil either.  Do you think that I would have anything to do with you if you were either of those things?  Do you think Chloe would have even given you any chance if she thought you were?”


Lucifer’s eyes morphed back into their normal shade of dark almost chocolate brown.  They were filled with the utter helplessness that he felt regarding his current situation.  “I suppose not.”


“You suppose not to which question?”


“To whether you would have anything to do with me.”


“So, what is the answer to the second?”


Lucifer sank back down into the throne.  “She did think I was.”


“For what, a millisecond?”


“Dalyce, she saw my true face! She ran to Rome and tried to send me back here!”


“Luci, she didn’t believe in any of it before that point.  You know that.  All of a sudden, she was confronted with the reality of it. I get why she left. And she was preyed upon by Kinley. But because of it, she saw the real you.  And if I remember correctly--”


“She lied to me!” 


“Stop bloody interrupting me! Yes, she did. She also apologized for it, if I remember correctly.  And she threw herself on you to protect you from a potential bomb blast as well.  She was willing to sacrifice herself to save you, just as you are for her. Do not even attempt to tell me that means nothing. Isn’t that the reason why you left Earth?  To protect her and those that you consider family?”


“No,” Lucifer stopped, contemplating his answer.  “Yes.  I must keep the demons contained.  They can’t be allowed on Earth. It’s the only way.”


Dalyce’s hair twitched on its own, signaling her frustration. Lucifer raised an eyebrow in response.


“Luci, there have always been ways for demons to get to Earth.  You know as well as I do that there are permanent portals in the veil. Demons used to be allowed to possess humans as well. You being up or down is irrelevant.”


Lucifer shot up out of his chair, his Devil face showing his rage once again.  “They have to have a king.  And whether I like it or not, it’s me!” 


Dalyce just stared passively at him. She knew that it was all coming from a combination of the pain of losing everything most dear to him and his self-hatred.  She agreed with Chloe that he needed to forgive himself.  But after knowing Lucifer for as long as she had, she also knew that it was so ingrained in him that to do so would not only be stepping outside of the box but shattering the box. “Are you through?”


 Lucifer just glared at her.  


“I’ll take that as a yes.  I realize that you are the King of Hell.  I also realize that the King must be a Celestial.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to be in Hell all the time.  I have to go home periodically, otherwise I literally fade away. You could do the same.”


The Devil sank back down into his throne. His face looking human again, fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall. “The prophecy, Dalyce.  I can never go back.”


“Why the bloody hell not?”


“I just can’t!  I will not take the chance of evil being released on Earth!”


Dalyce reached over and put a hand on his shoulder in an effort to comfort her friend.  “Lucifer, what if you are reading it wrong?  If it’s even real that is.”


The Devil reach up and squeezed her hand in a silent thank you. “What are you talking about?”


“What if the prophecy has nothing to do with evil being released on Earth?  -What if it means that you’ve been released from your punishment?”


A look of utter disbelief came to Lucifer’s face. “Dalyce, that makes no sense whatsoever.”


“Doesn’t it? You have grown so much since you met Chloe.” She put her hand up to silence what she knew would have been coming from Lucifer. “And yes, I know your Father put her there for you.  But it’s a moot point now.  Your hearts and souls are permanently intertwined. You no longer belong in Hell, well permanently anyway. You need to go home, Luci.”


Lucifer stood and shoved his hands in his pockets as he gazed up towards the veil that separated him from everyone and everything that he loved.  Sighing deeply, he said “I wish it were that easy, my dear dragon.”


Dalyce shook her head sadly.  “It is just that easy, dear heart.”


With that comment, she reached into the over-the-shoulder bag that she had on and pulled out a white envelope.  “Lucifer.”


Lucifer tore his eyes away from the veil and looked at Dalyce. Curiosity filled his eyes. “What is that?”


“Oh, this little thing?” Dalyce casually turned the envelope over in her hands.  “This is the other reason that I came down.  Amenadiel came to see me tonight.”


Lucifer gave a small laugh.  “Amenadiel came to see you?  Now that iz a surprise.  He usually has nothing to do with any of you.”


“I’m fully aware of that, Luci.”  She glared at him before continuing. “He brought this over and asked if I could bring it down to you.  He was afraid of leaving Charlie.  After a rather heated discussion. . .” Lucifer lifted one eyebrow, “yes, it was about you and the current situation; I agreed to bring it down.”


“Oh, do tell.” A mischievous smile graced Lucifer’s face.


“No.” She rolled her eyes at the pouty look Lucifer gave her.  “Look, do you want this or not?”


“Depends on who it’s from.”


Dalyce eyed him, wondering how he would take the news of who it was from. “Chloe.”  She watched as the Devil slowly crumbled into the throne, utter disbelief written on his face.


“The Detective?” The words came out as a whisper.


“Yes, Luci.”   She held out the letter toward him, not surprised at how timidly he reached up and took it from her hand. He slowly turned it over and saw the familiar writing of the one person that meant more to him than anything.


“Detective.”  He stated quietly, lovingly. Dalyce was taken aback by the sheer reverence that was held in the word as he said it. “Thank you.” 


“You’re more than welcome.” 


Lucifer just stared at the envelope. After a few moments, Dalyce urged, “Read it Luci.”


“I will, later.”


“Now, my dear Devil.  How am I supposed to take an answer back to her if you don’t read it?  This may be hard for you to believe but going back and forth through portals is not as easy for me as it is for you.”


He looked at her incredulously for a moment. “I suppose you are right.” He turned the envelope over again, so that the flap was facing up.


Dalyce spread her wings and jumped off the platform, returning to her true form as she did so.  “You do have a writing instrument and paper around here someplace, don’t you?”  


Lucifer glared at her in response.  “Yes, of course I do.”


“Well good.  I’m going to disappear for a while.  You don’t mind if I harass the demons, well certain ones anyway, do you?” She asked, while hovering far enough away as to not blow the letter from his hands.


Lucifer waved his hand dismissively. “Go right ahead.”  All the while staring at the envelope in his hands.


Dalyce turned and flew down towards the main part of Hell, looking for those that had dared to disobey her friend.  She knew that what she had planned was nothing compared to what the King of Hell had, but it would do. She smiled a toothy smile and dove straight down into the demons’ lair to have her fun.