The following is fan fiction based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman, Warner Brothers, Vertigo, DC Comics and Netflix.  They own all the rights to them.  I am just playing in their sand box.  Other than Dalyce, she’s all mine.  But if they wish to use any or all of the parts of the story, they are more than welcome to with no strings attached.  And without further ado:  Change of Plans.



In the Year of Our Devil, 2011


Dalyce was just finishing the dinner dishes when she heard her phone start to ring.  She grabbed a towel, wiping her hands as she headed toward the offending sound.

Picking the phone up, she said, “Hello, Lucifer.”

“Why hello, my dear Dalyce.” Lucifer hesitated. “How did you know that it was me?”

Dalyce laughed. “It’s called Caller ID, Lucifer.  It tells me who is calling.”

“Ahhh. Are you in the middle of anything currently?”

“Not now. Why?” Dalyce tossed the now-damp towel that she had used back onto the counter.

“Come over to my new place. The view is amazing!”

With more than a little skepticism in her voice Dalyce asked, “What new place, Luci?  I thought you were headed back to Hell?”

“Not anymore. I had a change of plans.”

Dalyce raised an eyebrow. “Did you now?  I’m sure there’s a story behind that.  Fine.  Address please.”

“Just come to the Cicada Building.  Call me when you get here, and I’ll let you in.”

Dalyce sighed heavily. “So, you don’t know the address. I’ll be there in a little while.”

“Good.  See you then!”  Lucifer sounded absolutely giddy.

Sighing again, Dalyce shoved her phone in her back pocket, grabbed her keys, walked out to her garage, climbed into her Shelby GT350 convertible, put the top down and headed out to Lucifer’s new place.

Twenty minutes later, she parked and walked up the street to the Cicada building. Fortunately, it was late enough that the vultures from Parking Enforcement wouldn’t be an issue. At the main doors she pulled out her phone and hit redial.

It rang several times before Lucifer picked up.  “I’m on my way down.” The call ended with a click.

Dalyce took her phone down from her ear and just stared at it.  “Well that was rude.” She muttered to herself.

“No, it was not.”

Dalyce turned around to see the Devil standing in front of her, dressed in a dark blue three piece suit with a lighter blue Oxford shirt.  She noticed the white gold square cufflinks set with diamonds and sapphires and watched as he absentmindedly adjusted them.  “Yes, it was.  And you need to be careful when and where you choose to fly here, Lucifer.”

With a trace of hurt in his eyes he said, “I didn’t fly.  I came down the elevator.” He turned and headed to the open door.  “Are you coming?”

Dalyce glared at him and followed behind, shutting the door behind her. She walked into the main area, shocked at what she saw. “Luci, this is a fighting ring. You’re getting into that?” She couldn’t help but notice the huge, wicked grin on his face.

“No!  Something even better!”  He grabbed Dalyce’s hand and pulled her over to the bar. “Welcome to Lux! Just imagine it!  A high-class club with a piano in the middle of the room!  Scantily clad dancers—”

“So basically, your own personal playground.”

“Well, yes.  Mine and Mazikeen’s.”

“You brought a demon to Earth?!  What were you thinking!” Dalyce’s eyes flashed in anger.

“I was thinking that I needed my best torturer!”

“Do I even want to know what for?” She glared at him, her arms folded across her chest.

Lucifer looked at her with a look of ‘isn’t it obvious’ on his face. “To get information out of a human, of course.”

Dalyce shook her head in disbelief.  “One, that’s not something that humans condone, and two, you need to take Mazikeen back to Hell.”

A steely glint formed in Lucifer’s eyes.  “No.”

“Why the bloody hell not?”

“She’s sworn an oath to protect me.”

Sensing that she wouldn’t win this argument, she sighed, “Fine.  Is this all you wanted to show me?”

“Of course not.” Like an eager child, he bounded up the stairs two at a time, to the elevator that sat at the top of the landing, beckoning Dalyce to follow as he did.

Dalyce reluctantly followed, not quite sure if she wanted to finish the tour.

The elevator cheerfully dinged, signaling that they had reached the designated floor, the doors opened, and Lucifer stepped out, making a beeline for the bar.  Dalyce stood for a few moments just inside the door of the elevator, taking in the utter disaster that was in front of her.

She hadn’t made it two steps out of the elevator when she was confronted by a knife-wielding demon. “Lucifer, control your demon.” Dalyce ground out through gritted teeth.

Lucifer’s response was to pour a third drink. “Mazikeen, you might want to put those knives down.  I really do frown upon you killing my friends.”

Mazikeen looked at him sideways, never moving the knives from Dalyce’s neck.  “Friend?”

“Yes.  That is Dalyce.”

Disbelief filtered across the demon’s features. “This can’t be her.  She looks nothing like a dragon!”

During the distraction, Dalyce had backed up and over a few paces, giving herself room to fight if need be. Not that she wanted to hurt the demon in front of her, but she would protect herself if need be.

Lucifer casually took a drink from the tumbler, “Oh, I assure you that she is.”

Mazikeen looked at Lucifer incredulously and then turned back towards Dalyce.  Her facial features shifted into a combination of surprise and fear.  While Mazikeen had been looking at Lucifer, Dalyce had morphed her head into what the demon was used to seeing: a human-shaped head with horns coming out in the semblance of a crown, eyes that almost looked like they were on fire, with scales that started from  just before her ears and down her neck, that almost looked silver.

Mazikeen backed up several steps and stopped with her back to Lucifer, standing in a defensive posture.

Lucifer laughed.  “Maze, I invited her here.  To show her the place.”

Maze turned to look at him, her disgust showing.  “Why would you invite a dragon?”

“Because she has known me an exceptionally long time and I trust her. She is also one of the few people that I know on Earth.”

Mazikeen lowered her knives and put them back into their normal hiding spots.  She walked over and sat down on an old, dusty couch, never taking her eyes off Dalyce. While Lucifer might trust the creature, Mazikeen preferred to err on the side of caution.

Dalyce changed her face back to her human-looking one while walking over to the bar to get the drink that Lucifer had poured her.  Looking at Mazikeen she said, “I asked him pretty much the same thing about you, Mazikeen.”

Mazikeen just glared at her in response.

“So, what is this supposed to be?”  Dalyce took a drink of what turned out to be bourbon.

“This?  My penthouse, of course.  Once I remodel it to my specifications, that is.”

“Of course.  How silly of me.”  Dalyce shot back.

Lucifer reached for her hand and dragged Dalyce out onto the balcony.  He leaned on the metal-trimmed edge of the glass railing, holding his drink in his hands, his eyes shining with excitement.  “Isn’t this view amazing?”

Dalyce stood beside him taking in the view.  “Yes, it is.”  After a few moments she asked, “Luci, why are you staying on Earth.  I know it’s against your Father’s rules.”

“Because it is against His rules.  I’m tired of being a pawn in His game.”

Dalyce contemplated her answer for a few moments. While doing so, she placed her hand on Lucifer’s back, inadvertently setting it where his wings should be. Lucifer instantly reacted.  A hiss escaped his lips and the look of pain filtered to his face.  He stood up as Dalyce quickly pulled her hand away, confusion on her fine features.

She narrowed her eyes.  “Lucifer, what did you do?”

He shrugged and turned back to the balcony railing.  “I had Maze cut my wings off.”

“You did what?!”

“I told you.  I no longer want to be part of my Father’s game.  So, I cut my wings off.  Now I can’t go back.”

“Lucifer Morningstar! Of all the stupid, short-sighted things that you’ve done over the eons, this is near the bloody top!” 

A hurt look came to his face.  “No, it’s not!”  His eyes glowed red for just a moment.

“You really think that if your Father wants to, he won’t figure out a way to get you back to Hell?”

Lucifer looked at her.  “I’m not going back, Dalyce.”

Dalyce shook her head.  “You might not have a choice, dear heart.  Your Father usually gets what he wants.”  Lucifer opened his mouth to speak but she put a finger up to silence him.  “Let me finish, please. If you truly insist on staying, you must learn the ways of humanity.  Quickly.  Things are far different here.  From either Hell or the Silver City.”

“I understand that.”

“Do you?”  Dalyce turned to head toward the elevator. Over her shoulder she said. “Just be careful, Lucifer. Humans can’t handle the reality that we exist. The consequences could be devastating.”

Lucifer walked back into the main part of the destroyed penthouse.  “I will not lie, Dalyce.”

The doors to the elevator slid open and Dalyce stepped inside.  “I realize that. I would never ask you to. Just, be careful.”  She waved at him as the doors closed.

As the elevator descended, she wondered just what kind of ride she and the rest of Los Angeles were in for with the Devil taking up residence. She was sure that it wouldn’t be a boring one.  She walked out the front door, headed to her car and to the twenty minute drive home.   

Before she left, she looked up one last time towards the penthouse, chuckled softly and pulled out towards home.