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Lucifer had visited Maze before returning to Hell, ordering her to keep a watchful eye on the woman he loved, her precocious and delightful child, his angelic brother, Doctor Linda, the woman who was essentially his sister-in-law, and his newborn nephew, Charlie.

Finally, Lucifer had also instructed her to keep Lux running as she had been all these years, and to make certain individuals did not forget to whom they might owe a favor. Humans tended to conveniently forget things, they had both noticed over the centuries. They did not need to know that Lucifer Morningstar wasn’t available to call debts in himself, after all.

Mazikeen was an excellent business manager and kept things working smoothly. That would not change with her Master’s absence. She was also to use her considerable gifts to quietly set up trusts for everyone in their little family.

Of course, they were not to know about those trusts, which were intended for use for proper educations and any extreme circumstances for which money might be required. Lucifer trusted her to be discreet in any disbursements that might be required.

“You don’t need to leave,” she had protested. “We can deal with anything that comes!”

“I appreciate your self-assurance, my dear, but it is more than clear that my demons require far more oversight than I can offer in a long-distance kingship,” he replied, his expression bleak. “If there were any other option, you can be sure I would stay.”

“So, I’m supposed to be the only demon here on Earth? Are you nuts?” she demanded, her eyes wild. “How can you know I won’t backslide with you gone? You just said that your demons need more oversight!”

It was a desperate tack on her part, but Lucifer wasn’t fooled. He knew her entirely too well.

He laughed.

“Mazikeen, I can trust you more than I could ever trust any other demon. Why do you think I invited you to come with me when I left Hell? I certainly wasn’t going to bring along a demon I had to watch like a hawk.”

The she-demon had stared at her Lord and Master, completely nonplussed and speechless.

“Yes, you’ve pulled shit over the past few years, but ultimately, you redeemed yourself,” he told her with a wry smile. “I couldn’t stay mad at you.”

Mazikeen froze, hearing Trixie’s words repeated back to her. Tears brimmed in her eyes at the memory and at the level of trust Lucifer showed her with those words. In that moment, she had finally realized that there was a level to their relationship that would have otherwise been unthinkable, and it almost scared her.

And then Lucifer had done something that actually caused sheer terror to explode in Hell’s foremost torturer.

Against his normal habit of keeping his distance, Lucifer embraced the startled demon in a fierce hug. Expecting something punitive, Mazikeen had stiffened, but no punishment arrived.

“Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for me, Mazikeen,” he had whispered in her ear. “I’ll miss you, my oldest friend.”

And then, releasing her, he flew away without another word. Mazikeen relaxed to the point where she sagged to her knees.

“As though I wouldn’t keep an eye on everyone,” she muttered to herself, voice hoarse, staring after him, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. “Someone has to make sure things are as they should be, since you can’t be here to do it yourself.”

Unspoken was the hope that he would indeed be able to return and tell her how she had done everything wrong, because that would mean everything was all right again, because it would be, with him back home where he belonged.


It was two weeks since the last time Mazikeen had laid eyes on the Lord of Hell.

Sure, she had spent time away from him while she had been bounty hunting, but that was different. She knew that she would see him again when whatever job it was had been completed and she could come back to the place she considered to be her home. There had always been the certainty of Lucifer’s presence. She could feel him when he was on Earth. It had been a centering influence upon her, likely drawn from the oath she had sworn to him when they first left Hell all those years ago.

But now, that was no longer the case, and it frustrated the demon to her core. She had become surly around the people she cared about and that frustration ate at her, since the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Being a demon, that was a strange way of thinking, but that was the way the creature who styled herself as Mazikeen Smith was in the world these days. Amenadiel and Lucifer were right: being around humans changed you, whether you wanted it to or not.

If she were to be honest with herself, she would admit that she wanted it. Yes, she had been Hell’s greatest torturer, but since her time among the humans, she had discovered so very much more and now had actual friends, which wasn’t ever a thing in Hell. No one trusted anyone else there, unless dire oaths were sworn and signed.

Mazikeen had discovered later that while Lucifer had visited her before he left, he had not given his brother the same farewell, but in spite of that, the angel had known when his brother was no longer on the Earthly plane and had gone in search of Chloe.

Since that time, Amenadiel was doing an excellent job of watching over his beloved and his newborn son, so there was little for her to do on that front other than wait to be able to teach the child to fight someday. Chloe was something else entirely, though, and it bothered her a lot more than once it might have.

Maze felt for the human woman something much like how one would feel about a beloved sister, or how she imagined that would feel. Chloe’s daughter Trixie, her first human friend, had her undying love and loyalty. The child had the kind of infectious quality that made you like her, and even Lucifer had eventually fallen under the girl’s enthusiastic spell, which the demon found hilarious, considering how her Master generally felt about offspring of any sort.

 “Dammit, how can I serve Lucifer in Hell and keep an eye on Linda and Charlie now,” Mazikeen swore. “This is particularly inconvenient. What am I supposed to do?”

Ultimately, the demon’s loyalty was sworn to the King of Hell, and when he had brought her with him to Earth, she had sworn an Oath to him that transcended anything resembling life or death, mortality or immortality. Every fiber of her being yearned to be with him, to serve him, but it seemed that would not be possible past following his last spoken orders to her.

The stray dog to whom she spoke broke off from licking its balls to stare at her, its expression curious. Was there food to be had? Every so often one would surprise it with an unexpected treat.

Just try, Mazikeen, a deep warm voice whispered in her head. There is no reason you cannot do both. I’d say you’ve earned it.  I’m proud of you for breaking through your demonic selfishness, having compassion for and thinking about others.

“Who said that?” She demanded.

You know perfectly well Who, little demon child of Mine, was the slightly amused reply and she felt a warm, but unseen hand cup her cheek. What could only be called love passed through that invisible hand and into her slender body. You may be of the Lilim, but in the grand scheme of things, you are still My child. Never doubt that fact. I bestow upon you a Gift. Use it well, My child.

A rush of something unfamiliar seemed to explode in the center of her being. Unbeknownst to her, something took root and began to set up housekeeping.

Not a little frightened, Mazikeen blanched and fell to her knees. She had never before heard that Voice, but there was no denying Its source now. It blazed with power that sent sheer terror shooting through her body.

Oh, stop that, the voice chided her. I don’t want or need your bowing and curtsying. That’s not who you are, and we both know it. Get up and get moving.

Not having to be told twice, the startled demon scrambled to her feet.

“Moving, my Lord,” she stammered out the question.

Moving between Earth and Hell, Mazikeen, the voice said. My son and his beloved are both heartbroken. You must help them to stay connected until this is all worked out in its own time.

“Yes, sir,” she breathed. “I’ll do the best job I can.”

Fuff! The voice exclaimed. I know you can do it.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Oh, and keep this conversation to yourself, Maze, the voice continued after a moment’s silence. The last thing My son needs is to think I’m playing some sort of game. And don’t mention it to Chloe. She has a difficult enough time with all of this without knowing you’ve been chatting with her boyfriend’s Father.

“Yes, my Lord,” she breathed, stifling an unexpected chuckle. “You have my word.”

And I also wanted to thank you for the life of My son, Amenadiel, and this time, the voice had a different tone that was less commanding and more fond. Your actions were truly selfless and have given Me much to think about, and for that, I also thank you.

“I—I couldn’t let him die—my Lord!” The memory of the dark Angel, stricken by her hooked blade and dying, seared across her memory, giving her a pain she most assuredly did not enjoy. “I—couldn’t!”

She waited a few minutes longer, but the voice was gone. The demon was shaken to her core at the unexpected encounter and it tore at her more that she had been forbidden from discussing it with anyone. Torture for Hell’s (almost) greatest Torturer?

Dear Old Dad had one Hell of a sense of humor, that much was certain.

Mazikeen turned her attention to the dog who had stared at her throughout the conversation.

“What do you want,” she demanded. There was amusement in the animal’s expression that betrayed an intelligence she had not seem there before. “Do you have something to add to the conversation?

The dog sneezed at the demon, rose to its feet, and trotted off into the darkness, its attitude perhaps a little lighter than it had been earlier. Mazikeen cocked an eyebrow at the creature, shook her head, and went back inside the club to get cleaned up.

She had been given a real purpose beyond what Lucifer had given her, and the demon found the prospect thrilling.

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