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Part One


“No, no, no,” Lucifer insisted to the flustered emergency worker as he attempted to brush the fine gray gypsum dust from the front of his ruined dark blue Armani suit jacket. “I’m fine!”

“But sir, you’re bleeding!”

“Oh, bloody hell. DETECTIVE!”


“I’m sorry, Lucifer! I had no idea you were anywhere near here, or I would have at least called to let you know there might be a problem,” Chloe apologized for what seemed the dozenth time. “I’m so sorry you got hurt!”

“Everything will settle down and be good as new once we’re far enough away from one another, Detective,” he reassured her. “I’m sorry I was cross initially. I shouldn’t expect you to keep me apprised of wherever you might happen to be at any given time.”

“Why were you here anyway,” she asked. “I don’t understand.”

“I had a call that my presence was needed here, and so I came. Normally, as you well know, I don’t have to worry about the chance of injury, but that begs the question. What brought you here?”

“We had a call that there was a possible threat of violence, and I came out.”

“You don’t normally handle those kinds of calls, Detective,” Lucifer pointed out. “You work homicide. What made it different today?”

“The lieutenant suggested I come,” Chloe replied, her tone changing to one of uncertainty. “I thought it was a bit odd, too, but you and I know there’s been a lot of odd going on for a while now. I’m at the point where I just sort of shrug and move on.”

“Ah, yes, this is what, the third one since Cain went to his chamber in Hell?”

“Fourth, but yes, you’re basically right. Close enough for government work, as they say,” she responded with a wry smile. “Lieutenant Sanchez transferred in from Albuquerque, as I recall. As for Cain, I hope that bastard is getting everything he deserves down there.”

“That and more,” Lucifer reassured her with a feral smile. “I made certain to devise some extra features to his personal Hell.”

“Thank you,” Chloe replied, eyes narrowing, her expression.


“The son of a bitch tried to have you killed,” she told him. “He doesn’t deserve mercy.”

“You cite my possible death, Detective,” Lucifer pointed out. “He was more than willing for you to die as well, no matter what he might have said while he was dying.”

“Lucifer, he was trying to kill you,” Chloe told him. “He can’t be allowed to get away with that shit.”


“That’s how I feel about it.”


“Get used to it, Lucifer.”

“Yes, ma’am—OW!”

“Possessive of me, maybe, but you’re mine and that’s just the way it works. No old girlfriends, no
Eve, no flight attendants, no Lucifans. Just me.”

“That hurt, Detective! And it is just you.”

“Sorry, not sorry, as you’ve said to me in the past.”

“Well, yes, but you didn’t need to hit me,” Lucifer pointed out. “You’ll get no arguments from me about our relationship.”

“Okay, so maybe I’m a little sorry, but still,” Chloe replied. “I was without you for how long? I’m feeling a bit possessive and protective right now.”

“I love you, too, Detective.”

“I bloody well hope so.”

Muted laughter.

“Picking up on the idiom, my dear Detective?”

“I guess it had to happen eventually, right?”

“Have I told you recently that you’re amazing?”

“It’s been a few minutes, so it’s about damned time.”

More quiet laughter.

”I would imagine it would be important to discover why you were called here,” Lucifer suggested. “Might someone know who I am and about my vulnerability when I’m near you?”

“That might be the case, but we can’t assume that’s what happened,” Chloe said, her expression thoughtful. “What do you have to do with this building?”

“I own an interest in it,” Lucifer replied. “I have to get my money somewhere. It doesn’t appear miraculously, after all. Miracles aren’t my department, after all.”

“Shocking,” she said with a an amused smile. “So you have a partial ownership in the building? Is that what you’re saying?”

“I believe that is what I just said, Detective.”

“I’m wondering who would know who and what you are, and that I make you vulnerable.”

“That seems extreme, Detective,” Lucifer replied. “It could simply be some random coincidence, you know.”

“Then you explain to me why the new lieutenant decided to send me along, when your own presence had been requested,” Chloe exclaimed. “You’re the one who always seems to think there are nefarious ulterior motives going on that somehow comes down to wanting to affect you.”

“I suppose that is my habit, Detective,” he admitted after a moment’s thought. “Perhaps being with you has changed that a little over the years.”

“Very little, Lucifer,” she said, eyebrows raised, her expression now expressing skepticism. “I wonder if this has anything to do with the Sinnerman network that Pierce—I mean—Cain, ran? Maybe he said something to someone about how I make you vulnerable?”

“Or someone from Kinley’s fanatical bunch who wasn’t caught up when he was?” Lucifer suggested in a tone that brought back memories for Chloe. “I suppose it’s possible one or more might have remained in hiding when the priest’s plan fell apart. Do you recall anyone else?”

“No. His big thing was that he was part of some special branch of the Vatican. I never knew it was a branch so special that no one else in the world knew about it, except that poor bastard he brainwashed into helping him try to reveal your true face,” she said. “I never met anyone else, so I have no idea how much further this might have extended, and believe me when I say that I’m still looking into where this all might go. I don’t want any more surprises like that coming along.”

“I suppose that is why they pay you the big bucks, as they say.”

“I wish,” Chloe chuckled. “I still have to work for a living.”

“Detective, I’ve told you more than once—”

“Lucifer, I’ve told you that I won’t be a ‘kept woman’.”

“I’ve known any number of—”

That time, her hand hit his face instead of his shoulder.


“You were saying?”

“You know I don’t lie, Detective.”

A hard stare.

“I still don’t lie.”

“I don’t want to hear about your conquests through the centuries, Lucifer.”

“Eons, but---OW! Stop doing that!”

“Then stop being stupid.”



“As you wish, Detective.”

More muted laughter.

“Oh, my dear, sweet Lucifer,” she murmured.

A fond look. A gentle smile.

“How did I get so lucky?”

Another fond look. A quick peck on the cheek.

“I have no idea, but I suppose we have your Dad to thank.”

“You really had to throw a spanner in the works, didn’t you, Detective?”

“Oh, come on, Lucifer. You and I both know that he set us up.”

Quiet. A thoughtful expression.

“This one time I’ll agree with you. Yes.”

Chloe hugged Lucifer, hard.

“I love you, Lord of Hell.”

“I love you, too.”

“So, let’s find out what sack of crap tried to get you killed.”

“I suspect they might have more to fear from you than from me.”

“You can bet your immortality on that, my love.”

“I’m glad you’re on my side, Detective.”


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