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Rowan Green - The Cardwalker Chronicles
Inspired by his love of the mysterious Tarot, author Rowan Green is currently working on a new series of novels about a man's travels through a new world. The first novel in the series, PERCHANCE TO STEAM, is now available in both softcover and ebook formats! Get your copy today!

Vampire Romance Fiction

Lavender Rose - Ariadne's Kiss

A dark romance.

Ariadne Caroline, unemployed and living alone, doesn't have much going on in her life but bad luck. Mother dead and her father a disagreeable sort, Ariadne wonders how she will be able to keep paying the bills. Suddenly, that doesn't matter anymore.

Now, after meeting the very handsome and mysterious Havelock Finch, Ariadne's life is turned upside down, and she has to learn about who and what she is now.

MM Genet

Adult Reading - Intended for age 18 and up
Jacqui Callen - A Darker Shadow
Imagine a shadow darker than any shadow you have ever seen before.Imagine that shadow is always hungry, and that if you aren't fast enough, you'll be invited to dinner.

Once she had been human, but that was long ago. She is consumed by a never-ending hunger that can only be eased by the taking of lives.

Now she is a slave of the Masters, who demand her complete obedience.

Erotic horror. Contains mental bondage and extreme sexual situations.

Jacqui Callen - Bella and the Alien Tentacle
Stranded on an alien planet, Bella gets more than she bargained for when she's left to fend for herself and discovers that she's not the only intelligent creature around.
Bella experiences changes and situations no human woman should be forced to endure at the tentacles of her alien captor.

"Made me shiver in anticipation." ~ Chance Cover "A fun short story for fans of sci-fi and erotica." ~ J.D.

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