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Would 2020 Just Go Home Already?

I know for a fact that I’m not the only person out there who wishes that 2020 could have a rewind and a complete redo. To say the very least, it’s been insane.

A pandemic afflicting the entire world, people in either camp of believing it exists and behaving appropriately, and those who deny its very existence and doing their own thing, becoming ill and “sharing” that illness with others.

It’s a shitshow, no doubt about it.

I’m in the former camp.

I have a nonagenarian Mother who I love very much and who I want to keep as healthy as possible, so I wear my mask when I go outdoors and I minimize contact with “outside” people (those I am no related to) as much as humanly possible. I don’t want to bring this thing home to my family.

Meanwhile, there are those who think that it’s no big deal, despite over 200 THOUSAND dead Americans as of this writing. No, they’d rather believe stupid-ass conspiracy theorists instead of physicians and science.

Yes, science. Remember that?

I do.

And I believe the real doctors and the scientists, not the armchair pretenders to that throne.

I’ve had social media friends die of this thing. People with whom I had a rich online relationship, and I will never see them again now.

No, don’t get into the whole “Heaven” thing. I have my own opinions of such things.

I want to take the doubters and smack the shit out of them. Do the whole MOONSTRUCK Cher “snap out of it!” thing with all of them.

I know there is little chance of their actually paying attention if/when I did it, but it would be cathartic as hell, wouldn’t it?

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