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Droch Fola Sneak Peek: Page Seven

Here’s a look at page seven of “Droch Fola”, my current work in progress.

I hope you enjoy reading it! I look forward to your feedback.

The games we’d played over the centuries: anything from games that lasted a half hour, to some that lasted more than fifty years. I wondered what had happened to the delicately carved ebony and alabaster chessboard he’d kept in his office. We’d started our latest marathon game about five years ago.

His sense of humor and his warm laugh. He’d had an arsenal of dirty jokes that only proved that some off-color humor had been around since at least the Renaissance.
The deep voice that could make me feel at home, or send shivers up my spine. He would have made a fantastic radio announcer, if he had not been so cautious about staying off human radar.
These were things I would never again experience or share with him, and it hurt me more than anything in my life ever had before. Excluding my maker, Andreas, with whom I had very little to do, Janos had been the longest acquaintance of my existence.

I came back to myself to find Nathaniel touching my shoulder gently. Opening my eyes, I saw an unconscious human on the ground in front of me. There was a large goose-egg on his head, but I saw no blood, so Nathaniel had been very careful while capturing this human. I could see that he’d already fed, which had been the smart thing to do. Who knew when we’d have the opportunity to feed again?

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