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In the Land of Website Design

I’ve been lazy, essentially, over the past few years. Instead of building and maintaining my own website, I’ve used outside companies to keep a blog and whatnot. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but for the time, it was what I thought I needed.

I tried to go the monetizing route, but Certain Big Companies are getting weird about that, and I don’t have the time to figure out what’s going to get their panties in a twist this time. I’ve owned this domain for several years now, so it only made sense to actually begin to use it instead of ignoring it.

That said, I’m now buried in the not-so-merry Land of Website Design. I’ll have to make a concerted effort to keep things updated on as close to a daily basis as I can manage, in between bouts of intense writing, editing, and Deep Thinking.

Hopefully more of the productive stuff, than the pie in the sky stuff. The former is what does a better job of paying the bills.

Now, that said, what would you like to see on this site? I’m going to be offering autographed copies of my books and stories for a reasonable price, and I’ll be providing updates as to what events I might be attending.

This year, I have WonderCon in Anaheim CA and the 2018 San Diego ComicCon on my calendar.

Will you be there, too?

Let me know.



Addendum 7pm PST :

The end of a long day, for various reasons, and I’m writing from a fun little dive bar in La Mirada California now.

The Korean owner, who also tends bar, served me a nice little beer. Sweet lady who is always outgoing and warmly welcomes her customers as they come in. I’m nursing it slowly as I go through the site, checking to see what I might be able to improve while I’m here.

So far, things look pretty good here, I think. After much internal debate, I made the leap and purchased a better webdesign program, so once I learn more about it, I’ll be creating a much nicer website for you to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy accompanying me on this journey. Maybe, together, we’ll learn something.

And now, back to my beer.

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