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WorldCon/ChiCon 2022

UPDATE May 24, 2022:

Membership acquired, airline tickets achieved, hotel room finagled.

WorldCon/ChiCon 2022, here we come!

Making plans to attend my first WorldCon (September 1-5, 2022), and it’s being held in Chicago, Illinois, where I haven’t been since nearly 20 years ago at the time of this writing.

Since it’ll be my first time actually doing more than either using it as a layover spot or driving through it (my last experience in 2002), we’ll be staying an extra few days so we can enjoy the sites and meet with online friends in hopes of making them into real life friends.

That’s not a bad thing, is it?

So, if you are going to WorldCon/ChiCon this year, please let me know when we might be able to meet up, or if you live in the area and still want to meet up, we can certainly make something like that happen!

I look forward to seeing/hearing from you about it!


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