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A Terrible Fall of Angels: Something New By Laurell K Hamilton

by Anna Rose

Laurell K Hamilton’s (Anita Blake, Merry Gentry) latest novel, A Terrible Fall of Angels, is a nice departure from her previous two series of novels. Angels, demons, spirit totems, familiars, all are here, with nary a fae, shapeshifter, or vampire in sight (so far, anyway).

The main character, Havoc, is a police detective with an interesting past that makes him the perfect person to investigate a horrific attack that leaves a bloody mess and a promise of even more violence, horror, and death before you get to the end.

The characters are engaging in personality and their own stories, rather than engaging in coitus (in the colorful flavors that so many of her readers have become accustomed over the years), and that is a refreshing change. Hopefully this will bring back more of her readers.

She indicates this is the first novel in a series, and based upon this novel, I look forward to reading the others. It is scheduled for release on 17 August 2021.

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