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Yes, I’ve been ridiculously quiet for awhile, but I do have my reasons, and they’re actually fairly good ones.

If you read back to around January 30, 2018, you’ll see that I was in a fairly nasty car accident that while it did not total my car (which is amazing in and of itself), I was left with whiplash.

In the time since, I’ve engaged the services of an attorney (one should never ever deal with an insurance company on their own in the event of an automobile accident). The insurance company is not your friend and will do everything in their power to pay out as little as possible in compensation for property damage and injuries to yourself and anyone else in your vehicle with you at the time. Don’t discuss the accident with them on the phone at all, just respond to them with “I have engaged an attorney” and refer them to that esteemed individual for any further contact.

These people will record any and all conversations and will try to use whatever you may have told them against you. Never forget that fact.

I’ve been seeing a chiropractor three times a week until this last week, when my visits were shortened to two a week. I’m still suffering muscle pain and physical instability since the evening of the accident, and I’ve had no suggestions from the Doctor on how long I can expect to feel this way.

I’ve been trying to get back into writing, but because of the resulting chronic pain, and I can only sit for so long before I have to rest. It frustates me, because I truly do want to write and get things done, but I have to listen to the dictates of my body, if I want to heal as much as I am able.

I can promise you that I will never laugh at someone who claims whiplash, now that I know how much it can affect those who receive that injury.

I apologize for my relative inactivity, but that’s what’s been going on for me. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

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