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Yep, Still Working On The Site

The changes to the site have required all sorts of mucking about and trying to find just the right format to use for it all.

I didn’t want something “flat” that had no character, so I had to go searching for a WordPress theme that I liked (that was also free, as I’m not rich, by any stretch of the imagination).

I think I’ve found that format with the one I’m using now. Perhaps when I’ve a bit more money, I’ll purchase the “Pro” upgrade, but for now, this is fine for me.

I’m looking forward to feedback from you all. I trust your opinions.
Meanwhile, back to writing on LUCI: Rhoades to Recovery for me. I’m considering sharing a snippet of the first draft here on the site, but for now, that’s still under heavy consideration.

Until we meet again, have a lovely day and stay safe and healthy.

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