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Of Large Miracles and Small Cars

Well, yesterday started out okay, but then went to hell in the proverbial handbasket, but with a bit of a miracle thrown in at the end.

Had to spend the day in the downtown Los Angeles area anyway, so I took my kid to work, since it was on my way. Nothing too crazy during that drive. Everything was peachy-keen.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Parked myself at a favorite Panera location and set up my trusty Surface Pro 4 at a table, got myself a lovely cup of hot British Breakfast tea, and proceeded to work. Everything was good so far. Productivity reflected that goodness.

Things got even better when the manager of the location, who has seen me often enough there to recognize me, came over to say “Hi”. When she discovered that I was going to be driving down to see my Mom today, she very sweetly brought me over a container of bags of British Breakfast tea as a care package.

That brightened my day immensely. I love this stuff!

Eventually, after a day’s writing and other things done at the computer, I packed up and headed out to pick up the kid. Everything went fine that way.


As I was getting onto the Expressway, I was softly rear-ended by someone in an SUV. I saw it was going to happen, so I tensed up in anticipation of the impact. It wasn’t too bad.

I relaxed. Not as bad as I expected it to be.

Then came the second, greater impact, as two SUVs plowed into one another and then slammed into the back of the person behind me. I wasn’t prepared for that second crash, and that has apparently given me whiplash.

I’ll be hitting the ER tonight to be looked at and have it evaluated. Right now, it hurts like hell, and turning my head isn’t fun in the least.

I’ll close this by saying that of the four cars involved in the crash, mine is the only one that was able to drive away, and in fact had a minimum amount of damage.

I drive a little bitty car. It was involved in a crash with not one, but THREE SUVs.

Suffered minimal damage, and was able to be driven away.

The three SUVs had to be towed, as they were undriveable.

GAWDS, but I love my little car!

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