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Random Update…11-17-2020

Well, it’s mid-November and I’ve been sort of quiet on this site, so I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got planned for the future.

Well, one thing, of course, is that I’m still hard at work on the second LUCI novel, LUCI: Rhoades to Recovery, which continues to story of the Devil, Hector Rhoades, Trevor, Gil, Nas, and some new characters who might interest you.

I’m sure you’ve already seen references to Lilith the First Woman, according to Hebrew folklore. The Divine made her before They made Eve, as Ms. Lilith was the first feminist. When Adam tried to tell her that she had to be obedient to him, she essentially told him where to go and gave him very explicit directions.

Also, according to that folklore, Lilith was punished for being disobedient by being made into a demon.

Keep in mind that the brilliant individuals who came up with that particular fairytale were pointers, rather than setters. It was a veiled lesson to the females of the time that if they misbehaved (read: weren’t obedient to men), that they would be banished from the community and looked upon as demons of a sort.

Anyhow, back to what’s going on with me…

For my birthday this year, a dear friend gave me a very cool app for my iPad called Procreate that I’ve been playing around with, drawing pictures with my Apple Pencil. Well, yesterday, in the course of that fooling around, I drew dragon that actually rather impressed me enough to inspire (at least) a short story. So–I’m taking a little bit of time to do some writing on what is called (at this point, at least), Erlua and the Dragon.

The ideas I’ve had for it are fun, so we’ll have to see what plays out.

Anyhow, back to work for me! Hoping you’re having a lovely day.


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