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Moving House

We have to find a new place to live within the next two months, so now it’s time to start packing things up. There are plenty of things that we won’t need to use between now and then. I just have to figure out what those things are.


After much consideration, I have decided its best to start with the kitchen. The plan is to pack up everything except what is absolutely necessary, cooking and eating-wise. In fact, I might pack away every piece of tableware and go to paper plates and bowls for the time being.

Moving sucks, as most of the world knows, and I know that if I were to wait until the last minute, it would knock me on my considerable ass. I’ve learned my limitations over the years, and try to remember them when necessary.

But I don’t always get that part right, which results in having much more pain than I should. Meaning, I should know better, but while I may preach wisdom, I’m not always that great in heeding my own advice.

Last time we moved, we hired Bekins to help us get things packed up and then moved. I remembered them from moves during my childhood, and recalled that things seemed to move smoothly during those periodic upheavals of residence.


They sent out some workers the day before our move, and they went through our place like packing locusts. They grabbed everything they could lay their hands on, wrapped them securely in packing paper, and boxed them up. It took them perhaps four hours to pack up a two bedroom, one bath apartment.

It was very impressive.

Three years later, we have a few more things than we had then. Another corner unit couch, a loveseat, a rocker, and an armchair, as well as implements of garden construction. That will make for more work, but hopefully not too much more.

I’d like to go the Bekins route again, providing the price isn’t monumentally stupid. I know my body is already encouraging me to go that route.

We’ll see how much I listen again this time.

Wish me luck, folks.



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