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I Have A Great Idea, Would You Write It For Me?

In a word, No.

Now wait, before you get your panties in a twist, please let me explain things to you, okay?

You may have what you think is a wonderful idea, and I get that. We all have ideas and sometimes, we want to get them out where we can see them and (sort of) touch them.

It’s a natural thing.

Unfortunately, when you ask someone else to write them, you’re assigning your thoughts and dreams so someone else. That person, no matter how much you explain things to them, cannot possibly “see” your idea the same way you do.

Because of that, I recommend that you write your OWN story.

But I can’t write! you protest. I need someone to do it for me!

You may think that, but you don’t. Yes, it will take time to get it down, but you can do that. After that, you can engage an editor to go over it and tighten it up a bit.

Yes, it will take a LONG time for your idea to go from a thought to something that can be picked up and read, but if your idea is that important to you, you need to take the opportunity to make it happen.

You can, of course, submit your FINISHED manuscript to a traditional publishing house via an agent, but there are also many independent publishing options out there for you.

Take a chance. It’s worth it.

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