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About Anna Rose

Anna Rose is a longtime lover of all things science fiction and fantasy. 

She is currently working on the sequel to her novel LUCI: RHOADES TO HELL (2020), LUCI: RHOADES TO RECOVERY. They are (very) loosely inspired by the Neil Gaiman DC/Vertigo graphic novel series LUCIFER.

The series involves a human man who befriends the (female) Devil.

No, it’s not a romance. The Devil already has a girlfriend. Yes, the series is very LGBTQIA-friendly and even features a genderqueer Supreme Being.

The series is about preconceptions, loss, grief, friendship, and change.

The first novel in the series has had a very positive reception, so that is part of what has inspired Anna to continue.

When she’s not writing her own novels, Anna has been indulging a very bad habit of writing LUCIFER fan fiction, at least until season 5B becomes available on NETFLIX, but she anticipates that she may continue to write it even after that.

Anna has written several novels, including SIOFRA, which is the first novel in the SUMAIRE WEB series of vampire novels, and AYA’S DRAGON, which is the first novel in the TALES OF THE DRAGONGUARD series. (Yes, she also wrote the subsequent novels and is working to complete both series as the Muse permits.)

She lives in sunny Southern California, splitting her time between La Jolla and San Pedro, with her patient (although often eye-rolling) daughter and two perky, overly-friendly Chihuahuas.

Currently in her mid-50s, she’s bi, single, but not looking for a relationship, and that’s just peachy with her.