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Hello, Mid-April 2022!

We Stand With Ukraine

Hello, all! Hope this finds you all doing as well as possible a little over two years after the start of the COVID-19 Shutdown of 2020.

So, what have I been up to, you might want to know. Well, I’ll tell you.

In addition to my regular writing, I’ve been working on starting a hybrid publishing house, Converted Books, and an online magazine, Converted Words (first issue due 5-15-2022), to go along with it. We’ll be offering some paid and some free services, including consulting, editing, cover art, publishing across multiple platforms with a real ISBN, cover art, ongoing marketing, and more. Yes, it’s more work on my plate, but I’d like to use the opportunity to help others in the writing community and I truly believe that this will be a good thing.

I’m making plans to attend WorldCon/ChiCon in September of this year. I’ve not been to Chicago before except as a flight layover or the time my daughter and I drove through the city on our way back to the west coast almost twenty years ago at this point. That means we’ve made plans to stay a few days longer on both ends so we can actually see the city itself and not the highway running through it. I’m really looking forward to the entire adventure.

I’ve also started the approval process to be accepted for professional registration at New York ComicCon. I’ve never been there before and am looking forward to this opportunity to attend. I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing east coast fandom when most of the time I’ve been involved in the west coast side of things.

I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a culture shock, but I love learning/experiencing new things.

My daughter and I are also in the process of making plans to move to New England. We’ve spent most of our collective lives here on the west coast, but due to things that have happened here family-wise, it’s time to leave the sunny shores of Southern California and settle elsewhere. We’ll miss it, of course, but sometimes you have to make that leap into the relative unknown.

On the writing front, I’m still working on the sequel to LUCI: Rhoades to Hell (also available in most other bookstores), LUCI: Rhoades to Redemption, and I’m also posting first draft chapters of my other works in progress to my Patreon page for subscribers to read. It’s an opportunity for readers to see how the writing process goes and how something can change from one draft to another (or even yet another).

So, what are you all up to and are you at least reasonably happy and healthy now? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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