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Time to Relax a Bit

Well, after two days of nearly solid webdesign, it’s time for me to take a break and spend some time with my family, and where I can, do some writing and editing on SARA’S FIRE. You see, I can’t work on the website at the same time as I’m working on my books, for whatever reason. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I’ve never quite been successful at it.

The sequel to SARA’S FIRE is already planned, and its tentative title is KAL’S HEART. There will be a fourth story to end the series, and then the four short stories will be combined into a single volume and be published in both print and e-book forms, for your convenience.

Addendum 7:15pm PST:

Drove down to my favorite place for craft beer. It’s a place in Placentia CA called The Bruery. They held a special beer and cheese pairing event for a couple hours today, and I came away with three of the five cheese offerings, plus a wonderful bleu cheese.

Tonight’s dinner was baked chicken for me, with buttered sweet corn and garlic mashed potatoes that were all devoured by my family. Apparently, I did something right.

I’m trying to figure out how to use Adobe’s Dreamweaver website software, but so far, we’re not really playing at all well together. Hopefully we’ll eventually figure out how to get along, but right now, I’m not holding out much hope at all.

Feeling pretty mellow tonight. If the Muse pays a visit tonight, I might spend some time on SARA’S FIRE, but right now, she seems to be as laid back as I am. I’ll let you all know when she’s back and ready to work, though.

Best to you all,


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