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Bringing Back the ‘SciFi and Fantasy, Light and Dark’ Podcast

A couple years ago, a few months before Halloween, I got the wild idea to start my own podcast. I’d been thinking about doing one for a long time before then, but it finally felt as though it was the “right” time, so I went looking for a platform I could use where I could get the widest distribution possible without having to spend too much money in the process.

Yes, even for authors, money is a big consideration. Most of us have developed a fondness for eating and for having a decent roof over our head, so in such instances, the latter tends to win out over the techie stuff.

Anyhow, if you’ve visited the podcast, you know that I managed to find exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew when I attempted to do an hour long podcast every other week. I just didn’t have the time to commit to such an endeavor, and then Real Life kicked in and interfered even further.

A few months in, I abandoned the podcast, which wasn’t easy in the least. I missed the opportunity to connect with folks in yet another way. It’s something that was important to me then, and I knew that I would find a way to get it going again, somehow.

Well, that time came again a few weeks ago.

Because I couldn’t mentally and physically couldn’t afford to be overwhelmed with such a tight schedule again, I instead opted for shorter podcasts on a looser schedule. At this time, It’s a fifteen minute or so podcast about once a week. Nothing too involved.

Now, my plan is for some podcast episodes to be longer. Those will be the ones where I feature guests talking about what they’re working on, what inspires them, and even how their writing process works.

You can find the SciFi & Fantasy, Light & Dark podcast by clicking here.

I look forward to your feedback.

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