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 Welcome to, the official home of Anna Rose's "Tales of the Dragonguard", "The Sumaire Web" and other stories of the fantastic.

Anna Rose is the author of vampire and dragon fantasies. It not only includes her books and short stories, but her blog and an opinion page. The Outside Links page includes links to unaffiliated websites and business, and are offered as a public service to the online community.

Please note that the Opinions page is for persons 18 and older, who are not offended by politically moderate to liberal thoughts and feelings.

, the first two novels in The Sumaire Web, will shortly be available across multiple ebook platforms, for your convenience. Click on the titles to be taken to a page listing their current availability across the ebook multiverse.


Anna has joined the MeWe social network as another way to continue to connect with her fans.

Feel free to connect with her


Concerned about your privacy in the wake of recent unsettling revelations about another social networking platform? Read MeWe's FAQ here.


The second entry in the Tales of the Dragonguard, SARA'S FIRE, has gone out to the editor and should be published in the near future.

Anna is currently hard at work on book three, KAL'S HEART.


Anna Rose will be attending this year's San Diego ComicCon in beautiful Southern California.

It can be reasonably assumed that she will be bringing along signed copies of her softcover books for purchase at their cover price.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Kal's Heart

Do you love dragons?


Haven't you always wanted one? A creature who knew your heart and mind completely and loved you and you alone? A great flying beast all your own, that could fly you wherever you wanted to go, your faithful companion on countless wonderful, magical adventures?
Aya's Dragon - Tales of the Dragonguard
So does teenaged Aya, but the chance of that happening seems wildly unlikely for her, no matter how desperately she yearns for the opportunity.


AYA'S DRAGON is available on Kindle, iPhone/iPad, and other ebook platforms, as well as in softcover (via

The audiobook will be released in late Spring 2018, performed by the inestimable Roxanne Weiderhold.

The sequel, SARA'S FIRE, will be available soon as well. The third story in the series, KAL'S HEART (currently being written), is scheduled to be released by late Fall 2018. The conclusion of the series, DRAGONS' RAGE, is scheduled for a late Spring 2019 release.


E-book copies of AYA'S DRAGON can be purchased at the stores found here. The page will be automatically updated as AYA'S DRAGON becomes available at additional venues.


You can find a snippet of AYA'S DRAGON here, for your enjoyment.

Looking for a different flavor of vampire fiction?


Anna also writes vampire fiction where there is no romance involved, and no vampire is looking to be "rescued" from being what they are.


These stories came about because Anna couldn't find that kind of vampire story when she went looking for something like that to read. All she could find were vampires who wanted to be human again or who existed in a monkish way, denying themselves any kind of happiness.


You see, Anna's not into the self-hatred, monkish, emo kind of vampire commonly seen in modern vampire novels and stories. While the vampire she created for the series THE SUMAIRE WEB (the odd word in there pronounced as "soo'MAH'ree") was made into a vampire by accident, Siofra fully embraces what she is, and four hundred years after her turning, she tells the story of how she came to be as she is now.


The first novel in that series is SIOFRA (shee-fruh), which tells the story of the Irish vampire by that name. The subsequent novels (and one short story) are FIACH FOLA (fee-ahk foh-luh), FEASTA FOLA (fee-ah-stah foh-luh) short story), and DROCH FOLA (drock-foh-luh).


The final novel in the series, COSAN FOLA (koh'sahn fo-luh), is still being written.


If you're looking for an autographed softcover copy of one of her novels or short stories, email Anna Rose to find out more on how to obtain one of your own. Purchase price includes the cost of shipping and handling.
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